Professional Golf Summer Camp ( Advanced level) 4 weeks

Professional Golf Summer Camp ( Advanced level) 4 weeks

750.00 1,000.00

The 4 week camp is a four level professional development golf camp which will include:

  • Golf Basics

  • Swing practice

  • Game strategy

  • Improving focus

  • Concentration techniques

  • Mindfulness

  • Understanding on course behavior

  • Game scoring

  • Identifying your Favorite Golfer

  • Video simulation video analysis

    The camp is ideal for children aspiring to indulge in golf in their future. This is a specialized camp designed to bring in the qualities of the sport and sportsmanship into day to day life. The child will learn focus techniques, patience and game strategies which are applicable in real life that stretches beyond the course!

    Golf is a focus oriented game and these concentration techniques will help the camp attendee adapt these techniques regularly.

    This camp will also include other group activities to encourage peer bonding and participation.

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At Green Valley Golf Schools we encourage Kids from all walks of life to enroll in our camps. We believe in equality, diversity and sportsmanship. Please reach out to us for special queries and organizational events.